Astral Imaging at Dogwood Ridge Observatory

Latitude: 3748'51.0" N"
Scottsville, Virginia 24590

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Reprocessed Images

I just recently, April 2014, bought a new to me NEC MultiSync2490WUXi monitor after having problems processing my images and getting consistent color and brightness/contrast between monitors. I learned a number of things in the process and most importantly was setting the proper color space settings in each program I use for processing. For the most part I use Pix Insight for 99.9% of my processing and Photoshop CS5 for the last bit. And I calibrate my monitors. The NEC actually has built in LUT (look up tables) to keep the profile in it's own hardware while my other LCD monitors use the video card software for storing their profiles. While this doesn't guarantee the images will look good on the viewers monitor, if they can see the 16 separations on the gray scale bar on my home page they should get a decent view of the image. The color will be dependant on the monitor settings themselves of which I can't control. I Have noticed that the images displayed on the normal off the shelf monitor seems to have brighter displays than those of calibrated wide gamut monitors like the NEC I'm now using.

Anyway these images are ones I felt merited the biggest differences from their original processed attempts. I should also note that they benefit from some additional processing processes I've started using in Pix Insight such as masked stretch and local histogram equalization. Like everything in this hobby, it is an on going education and new tolls are constantly being develope in both hardware and software. Now if we can get something going to give us the Chilean skies and seeing I'd be quite pleased. Hope you enjoy these.


NEC Reprocessed Images

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